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  1. I've sent a separate bug report, but I figured I'd post my issues here just in case a solution has already been discovered. So I previously had a problem where my BT headphones wouldn't function for track control after the 3.0 release, only for volume. After doing some research, I found that some settings needed to be tweaked to allow for the BT controls to work. And they do. The song can now be paused, rewound, fast-forwarded, and changed both forward and back. But for some reason, the (arguably) most important function, the ability to resume the track, is still disabled. No matter what I try, once I've paused a song/track, whether via the app or the BT controls, the track will NOT resume unless I go into the app and hit the play/pause/stop button. I'm using a Moto G5 Plus with a custom ROM (Firehound; I can't find which build number), and the BT headset I'm using is an LG HBS-900. I'll happily supply any additional information required to try and solve this problem. Thank you in advance for your help.
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