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  1. Andre, any idea why it's not working? I put my cellphone to stream (with Poweramp opened in my car stereo) and nothing happening.... only when a open the car default "Bluetooth player" i'm able to hear the streamed music. I'm new with Android..so I have no idea if it a limitation in my car receiver... or maybe a wrong configuration in Poweramp
  2. Hi. I recently (last week) download from Google play the app in my car receiver(android 6) . But the installed version is the 2. I try check for updates in google play but no updates are show. I try download in bluestacks also (just to make shire) and the same happened. I read here in forum that v2 is automatically updated to 3... why its not happening with me? A second question: I using a iphone and I can stream musics from it (ex.: apple music) to my car receiver over Bluetooth using a app called "Bluetooth music" installed in receiver. I trying do the same but using Poweramp instead the default receiver's player....but unsuccessful....Since Poweramp supports a2dp...this shoud be working, right?
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