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  1. Be able to hide folders in some section(album,artists,etc), for example: you have \gymmusic\... folder scanned, after that you probably will have a lot of different albums in albums section. If you have a well ordered library this will be serious problem, that why would be nice if you can hide a specific folder from certain sections (album,artist,genre).
  2. What about to be able to only see a folder of the library in folders category?
  3. but i dont want to add (scan) that songs to my library
  4. I have my library well-ordered, but i have a bunch of individual tracks that i want to listen sometimes; i dont want to add them to my library because there will be a bunch of incomplete albums . Please make possible to load temporally playlist files like m3u or be able to hide folders from certain categories such as albums,artists, tracks, genres,etc...
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