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    Playlist files are randomly emptied

    Running on a Samsung 6. I transfer my playlist using Windows Media Player as .wpl files which are then stored under ../Internal storage/Playlists and also under ../Internal storage/Music. After updating 1 playlist by connecting to a Windows PC, all the .wpl files were still intact, but there was a copy of each .wpl with 0 bytes size and a new extension of .pla. In Poweramp only a VERY small number of songs showed up in the playlist. Additionally, since I did a "System Import" in Poweramp, there were 3 copies of my playlists. The issue appears to be related to the USB /MTU driver and NOT the upgrade of Poweramp or as other have suggested on other forums related to the OS on Android. I did the following... part 1, 2, and 3 in retrospect were probably not necessary: 1. I deleted all my playlists from Poweramp. 2. Deleted my playlist files using MyFiles (a file explorer app) on the Android. 3. Re-transferred the playlist using Windows Media Player 4. Made sure there was a copy of the .wpl. playlist files in the ../Internal storage/Music directory 4. Disconnected the phone from the PC. 5. Using "My Files", deleted all the .pla files from ../Internal storage/Music and ../Internal storage/Playlists on the Samsung. 6. Rebooted the phone. 7. Opened Poweramp -> Library -> Playlists -> 3 dot buttons -> Rescan All my playlists are showing up properly again. I also think that Poweramp is pretty versatile in that it recognizes multiple types of playlists and most likely sees the .pla/.m3u files as duplicates... Hope this helps someone else. Charlie