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  1. I am now kind of inspired. Last time I tried is years ago. At that time the results were very disappointing. I will start off with foobar2000, which is an android app. It says it allows setting the Rg for all files. We will see. I will keep you updated on my findings...
  2. Yes, but works only with mp3s. That's no more than 5% of MY collection...
  3. I understand what has been said about on-the-fly normalization. But is it so difficult to simply not do it on the fly, but do it on the whole track once it starts playing? Or why not do it while a previous track is playing the last seconds (kind of "looking ahead")? Or how about a menu item to create the replay gain tags from within Poweramp? The reason why I'm asking, is simply that I do not only have mp3s. There are aac (do not support Rg at all), ogg (maybe Poweramp can't read their rg tags), and others. Getting rg into all the files in a way that Poweramp is safe to use it correctly is a heck of a hassle. I never fully succeeded. It would be so much better if Poweramp could do all this stuff on it's own!
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