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  1. Hey guys, I did not mean that. Export/create .m3u playlists works fine. But with ~100 playlists, it's hard to find and to scroll down in the playlist overview. So I ask for folders in the playlist overview like Spotify or iTunes
  2. Hello Guys, I use Poweramp since my first smartphone (when Nexus 4 was released). Meanwhile I have ~7000 tracks on my phone, often listen to it via a Sony WH-1000XM2 BL-earphones. The quality with the LDAC codec is awesome. But my problem: I order my tracks in playlists in iTunes, copy the folder-structure to my sd card and export the iTunes playlists and change the file paths. I have 100 playlists, so it's pretty hard to find a certain playlist. I think playlist folders would be a simple and nice improvement like Spotify. Does anyone have another idea how to sort my playlists? Export every playlist in a individually folder takes too long. Cheers Tim
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