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  1. furakku

    Missing tag info on newly-added tracks

    Will try that next time it happens. Meanwhile, it seems my hunch is correct: turning all auto-scan options off and manually scanning files makes metadata load properly. At least I found a workaround now. If someone else can replicate this bug, it'd be nice to have it fixed 🙂 Edit: Downloaded some music directly from my phone, copied it to the external SD card, manually re-scanned and the tags doesn't show up. Tags show up fine on other music players; they're just ordinary MP3 files (I can even link them here if necessary as it's a free EP.) Even clearing data doesn't work. If I open the file directly from a file manager, the tags still doesn't show up.
  2. furakku

    Missing tag info on newly-added tracks

    No, it does not make a difference. And yes, the tag info still doesn't load even if I leave it for a while (or reboot.) I have a hunch that it has something to do with automatic rescan. Will update this post if having auto rescan off and manually scanning for files changes things.
  3. Using Poweramp v3 build v820 on Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 (latest ROM build 339, Android 8.1), Poweramp fails to load track metadata from newly-added tracks since first installation (album art, track title, etc.) My music resides both in Internal Storage and external SD card, and I manually selected the folders for library scanning. Full Rescan did not help, as well as clearing data, then importing settings. Only clearing data, waiting for the library scan to finish, then importing settings and letting it re-scan again made the track info appear. AFAIK this did not happen on the previous build, and other music players does not exhibit this issue. I do not use CUE files.