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  1. (Note: The sound works but my screen recorder does not have the functionality of capturing audio.) Earlier of this video the fix is already set up. That's why I can skip without error. Second I show you "Failed to play file!" message when I un/plug aux 3.5mm. 0:55 Change output and the problem persist. At 1:40 of the video it show how I fix. But the next un/plug will get the problem back. Maybe it's a wrong/corrupt file but when the problem is fix I can play all file with no problem.
  2. By default when I install Poweramp or reset settings it is set to Audiotrack Output not OpenSL ES Output. I try change to OpenSL ES Output. The problem persist. I did not change the advanced settings.
  3. Hello, here is the video of the bug. (My screen recorder does not capture audio) Before I plug jack 3.5mm the player has no problem. When I plug it display "Failed to play file!" and skip a piece to play next sound. Same problem when I unplug jack 3.5mm To fix that I have to close Poweramp in the notification first and in the Task Manager last. (In the order or it will not fix) After that I relaunch Poweramp (with aux 3.5mm connected or not) and it work fine until I un/plug them. I tried to: Rescan in the Poweramp app Clear the data/cache of Poweramp
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