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  1. Hello same behaviour with v3, volume drops automatically by 15%. I own a Intel Airmont 8-core SC9853i cpu on a head auto unit.
  2. No i don't want to use my smartphone as the core of the system. Just a good skin with big text/button would be enough
  3. It's not android auto, it a head unit for auto based on Android 8.1 with apps installed from Google Play.
  4. Thanks Andre any advise of such a skin in order to control only with a finger? (it's for an android auto unit)
  5. Hello is there a way to display all songs from the album which contains the song currently playing (whatever the entry of playing the song: eg. coming from a search)?
  6. Hello i find the text and buttons too small. Is there a parameter to increase size for them? Thanks
  7. Hello with version 2, i was able to say to Google: "Play song from artist in Poweramp" and it launches Poweramp playing the desired song but this feature does not work anymore with version 3 (PA opens but nothing more)!? A bug or something i missed? Thanks
  8. Hello same issue with me on my Joying head car unit, android 8.1. V2 was working but with V3 not anymore
  9. Hello i have v2 and i face strange behavior: when i set volume at max level, 3 seconds later it auto reduces (by 15% approximatly). What's wrong?
  10. Hello i bought a head-unit radio car Joying on Android 8.1 and CPU Intel Airmont eight-core 1.8GHz SC9853i, but i am unable to install V3, only V2 is available on play store. I tried with APK (the build v3 file) but no success (cannot install). What's wrong? Thanks here the link to the model: https://www.joyingauto.eu/new-intel-rohm-chip-dsp-android-8-1-0-single-din-7-inch-head-unit-built-in-4g-module.html
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