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  1. I don't disagree with your posts, but come on, you know that experiencing a live performance has a lot to do with the whole experience - the energy of the crowd, the energy of the band feeding off the energy of the crowd, the chemical content of the listener's blood stream, the hot chics, etc.
  2. ...And who's phone has a cesium clock to bring that jitter into line at such sample rates?
  3. My mistake, I was confusing it (on the fly) with 384KHz as double 192. I love my TC Electronic Polytune Clip tuner, but it won't calibrate to 432Hz. I wonder how one could accurately convert a mixed piece to 432. It seems like each track would have to be converted and remixed. Besides, you wouldn't want the percussion converted, right?
  4. Our eyes can't even see light, but only it's reflection off some sort of material.
  5. Conversion won't make any difference. You can't add information by conversion. Only content originally recorded at high resolution or sampled at high resolution from an analog source will have more information.
  6. I've done listening tests on compression schemes and bit rates and my criteria is that I want the ride symbols to go "ting, ting, ting" and not sound like shakers or a splash symbol. I also like to hear the space the music was recorded in (or digital reverb tails) as well as the music itself. (It's 2019 now and I just got a phone with quad DACs that are suppose to be the best you can get on a phone. I use my phone with my live rig all the time during band breaks.)
  7. So, you like listening to the pops and crackles and wow and flutter of vinyl? I grew up on vinyl and tape and it's no novelty to me. I'm so glad I don't have to clean a record every time I want to listen to music and for each side at that. I was wondering why they have a high resolution option, since only content recorded at high resolution or sampled from an analog source at high resolution can benefit. I bet a lot of people use this option on CD or lower resolution music and have no idea that they're just using more processing power without any benefit. At least you actually know what you're talking about.
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