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    Not playing FLAC files correctly

    I just realised that this FLAC file has the word "cue" written under it compared to other FLAC files that doesn't. I'm not sure what it means? Though, like I said, Poweramp plays these files fine when I chose to play these tracks on Poweramp via the my files app.
  2. jefft1

    Not playing FLAC files correctly

    Tried it just then and it's still not fixed. I've tried playing one of the songs using Poweramp by selecting them via "my files" app in Samsung and it Poweramp plays it fine. But when I go back into Poweramp, it shows up at 6 seconds.
  3. jefft1

    Not playing FLAC files correctly

    Hi, I've just tried that. And it's still not working
  4. Hi, poweamp is showing and playing my FLAC files as only 6 seconds long. However, I've tried playing the FLAC files via other apps and it's working fine. I've tried rescanning and I'm also on the latest version too.