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    Shuffle not working

  2. phangtonpower

    Shuffle not working

    But that was two weeks ago and I have cleared that search. It happens randomly and having to restart playback while driving is really annoying. I never had issues before with the older version.
  3. phangtonpower

    Shuffle not working

    I don't have repeat on, shuffle is set to all, I have nothing in the que. The first time I noticed, I searched for a song in library. The next day it would only shuffle songs in either the same album or band folder. The only thing that seems to work is to go back library, I usually choose album, pick the first album and song, and skip track to see if it shuffles. It works, but maybe a day later, it will get stuck on the same folder or album that it last played. Also when it first started happening, I would do the above steps, but then it would go back to the first band that I searched for when I noticed it happening. Another thing that I forgot to mention in my op, and this maybe the phone I use, is when I plug a jack in, it wont start Poweramp like it used to. I have it set to "resume on wired headset". Sometimes it will come on for a second and cut out. Maybe do this a couple times, but only thing that works is to open my phone go to the Poweramp widget and press play.
  4. phangtonpower

    Shuffle not working

    I've been using Poweramp for a long time now. Never had real issues until recently. Don't know if it's because of the update or my phone. I usually have it on shuffle all tracks. Recently it will get stuck on the last album it played and only shuffle songs from that album. Then I have to go back, choose a different category like album or folder, choose a song randomly play it and shuffle will work for a little while. This is really annoying and dangerous while driving!! Any fixes?