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  1. EAHR2005

    DVC Bug

    @w3wilkes The number of activations of the apk downloaded from this page is limited to 10. Is this true? the activations of the play version is unlimited.
  2. EAHR2005

    DVC Bug

    i need the play version, i bought PA in play store.
  3. EAHR2005

    Poweramp Build 820

    dvc is enabled but does not work on my xiaomi mi a2. I've reinstalled and it's still the same. i reinstalled build 816 and it works perfectly. please fix it.
  4. EAHR2005

    DVC Bug

    there's a new bug in the build 820. DVC is enabled but it doesn't work, it's like it's disabled. On build 816 worked very well. Device: Xiaomi Mi A2 Where can i download the build 816? I need to go back to that version until that bug is fixed. sorry for my English.