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  1. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    @blaubärfull rescan doesn't help either. There must be a change in how v3 handles otg unmount. I hope this is fixed like v2 behaves as otherwise I'm very satisfied with v3, especially the sound quality and shuffle that seems to work perfectly with no repeats.
  2. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    No, nothing helps. Mount is obtained pretty quickly, within 5 seconds, and I waited even a minute before tsrarting playback. Nothing seems to work, neither gracefully ending Poweramp before unmount and waiting after mount. The song progress is always lost.
  3. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    Yes. Even killing PA works OK on resuming the song. Seems to be a problem with otg mount / unmount but, again, v2 did not have any problem with it so I'd expect v3 should work exactly the same. Just a thought, maybe v2 stored info re progress locally and v3 tries to write to the otg USB?
  4. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    Unticked keep service, disabled auto scan so it doesn't do anything when usb connected. Paused, exited, suspended and... Still the same behaviour.
  5. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    Paused manually, exited and suspended. Woke up and... Song is played from the beginning. All other things OK, resume on Bluetooth, library continue when left off etc. I even ticked to leave PA service running in the background. Now interesting thing. This happens with files played from the OTG USB stick, if the file is stored locally its fine. Looks like PA resets the progress when OTG becomes available. However, this was completely fine in v2 so I'd like to have it in v3 as all the files are on the OTG stick.
  6. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    @blaubär setting the option in library to even 0 minutes and disabling battery optimisation for PA doesn't help. After waking up the song is still played from the beginning ignoring the listening progress from the previous session. I have added tasker to pause the PA just before suspending, and even pausing it before suspending manually doesn't help. Still plays from the beginning. As I said PA v2 worked flawlessly.
  7. Michal

    Song played from beginning after sleep

    @Andre it doesn't cut off the power, the tablet is always powered on. When engine stops it goes to the battery as a normal external tablet (you can still wake it up by pressing power button briefly). It just goes into suspend mode to conserve battery (airplane mode etc). It doesn't kill PA when suspending. It's just a nexus 7 external tablet not a built in device. Poweramp v2 handles suspend mode OK and resumes always when it stopped after suspending. Im using marshmallow with car kernel by timur.
  8. Hello Using Poweramp in the car. When tablet goes to sleep and wakes up again, the song plays from the beginning instead of picking up when it was left off. Poweramp v2 picked up the song when it was left when suspending the tablet. This is the only thing preventing me from migrating. As you can imagine it's very annoying when you make a lot of short trips in the car. Every time starting the engine / tablet plays the song from the beginning.