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  1. Sorry I forgot to mention it, because this is so obvious and common sense for me that this did not come to my mind yesterday. Poweramp and the Unlocker were set to manual administered after every reinstall. Thus it can autostart, can be started by another application and is allowed to run in the Background. That are the same settings I use since I bought my Phone 14 months ago. I also did not update my Phone for several months and the last new additional app was Installed last year. Regards al
  2. I was quite happy, functionality of double/triple click finally returned for me a few versions ago. But since 820 I have 2 new bugs. One returning, which is not so bad. But the other one kills my mood. The not so bad one: Poweramp does not send correct track information via bluetooth. First Song of an album shows the correct info, next one and any of the following shows Unknown Performer/Unknown Album. The other one: Poweramp quits playing after a few seconds, if the screen is of. Just unlock the screen let the music continue for some time. This happens with my C
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