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  1. i forgot to do that. it worked holy shit my bad, if i came across as a dick. im sorry
  2. i did exactly that, i still get the same message
  3. i went to this on my phone. i downloaded the file. i activated it in my file browser on my phone and got the message app not installed the package appears to be corrupt"
  4. i went to your link on my phone. Downloaded it opened it and it said "app not installed the package appears to be corrupt"
  5. i tried the version 2 i tried the read fist solution but whenever i try to use the file in my phone it says "app not installed. The package appears to be corrupted"
  6. So i recently upgraded my phone. i re-downloaded Poweramp and i Severely dislike the new UI. are there any skins to revert it back to the previous versions. if so how do i install it since i cant find any articles on how to install skins
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