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  1. Thanks Andre, that worked great. I had originally thought that option just restarted the queue. FYI I find the Queue really useful for daily use. I drive around 3.5 hours a day so just queue up what i listen to in the morning for the day. I treat it very much as a temporary playlist which works for me.
  2. Hi I would like to see more options for queues. In v2 I was able to stop playing music at the end of the queue. In v3 the only options i have is for the queue is to repeat, or for it to start playing what was previously playing. Can we have an option to stop music at the end of the queue please?
  3. Hi Firstly I am a long time user of Poweramp. I was one of those went back to v2 when v3 auto updated as I didn't like the layout. However after the recent updates I am now on 'v3-build-820-play full version' and am happy with the update. Thanks for all the hard work. There is one thing I would like an option to change. When I go into the artist page to browse albums more than a third of the page is taken up with a large image from one of the albums. I immediately have to start scrolling to view albums. It would be nice to have an option to either reduce the size of this or remove it completely so the album list begins at the top. I've attached an example below.
  4. +1. It would be great if album titles would scroll or on 2 lines. Particularly difficult when trying to play a single cd of a double cd set for instance. Even going into the album doesn't show you the whole album title. The only way it seems to work out which album is cd1 is to go into the album and check the ID tag. Example in attached screenshots.
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