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    Playing a Genre in order

    Ah. Yep, I am a list view kind of guy and I never noticed that repeat button tucked up there. Thanks. That is helpful to understand why I wasn't seeing what you were. And that I have a repeat button etc, it is just on the mail play screen. Also it sounds like I need to turn on the hints for a bit until I understand the ramifications of some of the setting choices I am making. Thanks for the heads up there too. Having all these options is a blessing and a curse. Thanks blaubar.
  2. John L

    Playing a Genre in order

    Interesting. My interface doesn't look the same. Is your's an older version? I just downloaded mine from the Play Store this week. Same location on the screen but on the left side under the album art I have the crossed arrows for shuffling and then a round traditional play button type arrow, a button that says "select" and finally a three dot button. When I press the play or shuffle button (short tap or long) it only changes the song selection which shows up at the bottom of the screen. No additional menus come up. The "select" button brings up a menu to select all of the songs and add them to a queue, delete etc. But nothing like what you mentioned unfortunately. Wonder if I should I uninstall and reinstall? That or is there a magic reset button in terms of a restore to original settings master location?
  3. John L

    Playing a Genre in order

    I would agree, I don't know if it is a bug, I think I just don't have something set right. And my fault for not mentioning I saw that thread about genres and that my case is just one genre assigned to each song from MusicBee and the songs are all on an SD card. So I feel really dumb, but where is that repeat mode that you did the screen shot of, found? I can't find it. So clearly I didn't change anything there but setting it to Advance List makes sense as a likely solution.
  4. I am trying out Poweramp currently and I really like it. One thing I haven't been able to figure out though is how to play a genre in order. If I just hit the play button on the "genre" I selected it plays the first album in that genre and then stops. So for the genre of Rock, I hit play and it plays .38 Special Greatest Hits track by track, since it is the first one, and then stops. I can hit the shuffle button and it will dance around throughout the genre, but sometimes I just want to roll through all 40 albums from the top like a big playlist. Is there a setting I am missing or a way to do it?