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  1. We have all experienced low volume issues but I found that using replay gain will increase volume substantially.. Enjoy
  2. I can't use V2 because now it uses by default on my device samsung dolby atmos atmosphere so the sound is no good without having Dolby Atmos on, before on V2 at the settings that I had it tuned to I was getting super quadruple deep bass now I get this bullshit sound of high clicks, bells and whistles, I set it to high-res which is not that good... Big thumbs up to V2
  3. Its crap still sounds super distorted and only sounds good when equalizer is disabled
  4. Ps also I hate the new design and flow of Poweramp so haven't updated
  5. I've tried everything and still horrible distorted sound
  6. I've been having issues with the dvc I've disabled it tried everything and still volume is very low. I updated to Samsung one ui which is Android p a day after the up it started happening.
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