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  1. Kinda bizarre, niche issue. An artist I like recently released an album, but in addition to standard album artwork, every individual track has its own artwork. When I first imported the album into Poweramp, this all displayed properly automatically, except for the first track, which I was able to manually fix. Today, I had the stupid idea of trying to attach the full album artwork to the album filing in Poweramp, and I permanently had the whole system messed up. If I change the artwork on any of the tracks, it now changes it for all of them, even though those are the embedded images for the album artwork. I don't want that. I'd like to have the general album file separate from everything else so that this doesn't happen, but I'd settle for going back to how things were. Yes, I cleared the album art cache. Yes, I deleted the files and re-downloaded them. No, they are not WAV files. It is specifically the app's indexing system that is causing the problem—I can change the album name for every track, change the artwork from there, have the same issue arise, change the album name back to the original, and the artwork will immediately switch back to whichever artwork was last used for that spelling, even if I cleared the cache. Help would be appreciated. But, like I said, a separate filing option for album artwork for individual tracks would be better.
  2. I'm having an issue where no audio is playing through my car stereo with Poweramp at all. It still works with all my other audio platforms (Apple Music, Google Play Music, Shuttle), but not Poweramp. The track will show that it's playing, but no audio comes out at all. I got it to work the first time I tried getting it to play, but ever since it's been silent. I feel like maybe I'm just missing something. Anyone have a fix?
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