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  1. I haven't found any power saving settings. I think I have done everything except 1) uninstall then reinstall 2) factory reset
  2. It's not Android Auto (the app that allows Android phones to be used easily through certain head units). It's a full Android system as a car stereo. Basically, a tablet with an amp. https://www.amazon.com/ATOTO-Android-Navigation-Stereo-Bluetooth/dp/B077JLY24S Unlike most, it has a Quick Start feature which allows a 2 second boot up time, so I assume an onboard battery (or the Aux power) keeps most programs in a standby state while the engine is off. I will look for energy optimizations. I know in the V2 build when I first installed it, it would never remember the
  3. Ok, thanks for the replies. 1. How would I shut down PA? Go into settings every time I turn the car off and Force Stop? and 2. Why on Earth would it default to Shuffle being turned on? I mean if it doesn't save an internal state, shouldn't the default be to just play an album in order? It's already frustrating when PA doesn't see my USB drive immediately after powering on, and decides to refresh the entire database instead of waiting a minute or so and checking again. (That happens about once a week.) Otherwise, I love the app, as it's one of the few music players that will
  4. Hey all, I have Poweramp installed on my Atoto A6 car head unit. V2 worked fine, for the most part. But ever since updating to V3, Shuffle will turn itself on almost every time I start the car. At first I thought maybe my wife was accidentally turning it on, but I witnessed it myself over the weekend. I would turn the car on, and David Bowie would shuffle to a random song in the album. I would turn Shuffle off, and everything would be fine, until we would park the car and get back in in a few minutes. Then, Shuffle would be back on again. Sure, this is ok for a greatest hits album, but it
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