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  1. This is nice. Where can I download this? Or is it even available now or still work in progress?
  2. Wow this is nice. I'm using Poweramp on my car as well. Will definitely try this. Thanks and appreciate the time doing visualization
  3. Hi, I'm using the application for my car. I have made a call via bluetooth thinking that the music will automatically mute but it didn't. Was wondering if we have a feature wherein whenever you make a call the music will pause, or if another app (navigation like waze etc) this will lessen the sound of the music to amplify the other app running. Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, just wanted to ask if we have any updates on this for the next patch. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation Lakifear. This would look great on the car if someone will create it.
  6. Agree on the suggestion as I was planning to create a suggestion just like this one as well. I'm using Poweramp on my car and since auto set up would be dependent on the player, it is best to have this as accurate as possible. Also it would be nice to have different levels of db (like by two's) instead of just the highs and lows.
  7. Sorry was confused but is the colored spectrum now included on the 150 presets?
  8. This is nice Lakifear. Also, just tried what Prosenjit (colored spectrum) but it doesn't work. Can you please make adjustment and make it working on Poweramp? Thanks
  9. No prob blaubar and no offense taken. I'm still on my "learning phase" and would help others too once I have some learnings...
  10. No problem blaubar but as a new user I dont know the ins and outs of the tool that's why I have asked this question. Link in where can i find presets should have answered my question. Thanks though
  11. I might have the settings on my car player wrongfully set. Look on what I have
  12. Looked at different topics and found this on developers area. Not sure if this can be added as an option on equalizer, spectrum and on seek bar while playing music. It would be best if you can also have an option on what color you would want to use (plain or mix).
  13. This is nice. But do you have a colored spectrum visualization? Or possibly option on what color you can choose? Thanks
  14. Thanks Andre for the clarification. Appreciate it
  15. Thanks maxmp. But the developers of this tool can make it possible, right?😊
  16. Not really sure but it's just my idea. Will ask the other guys in this forum if they can make it. But anyway thanks again😊
  17. Hi blaubar, already looked at the option but cant seem to find a spectrum with colors. Is this something that I need to buy? The other visualizations are nice but I'm using Poweramp on the car and would like just something simple yet colorful. I could take a picture of the spectrum if you want.
  18. Thanks a lot blaubar. Appreciate the help.
  19. Oh sorry about the confusion but I was pertaining to a visualisation while playing music. It has different spectrum line bar graph and other design but mine is just plain white. Saw from other post that they have colorful visualizations. Is there another topic in which I can read for more info? Thanks
  20. Hi. I'm just new in the forum and was browsing to different articles but can't seem to find a topic in which I can ask on how to add color to the spectrum analyzer on my Poweramp. Can you please teach me on how to do it? Thanks in advance.
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