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  1. So hears an update, I got it to work properly I cleared the data from my app settings (and cache) and it started working properly
  2. I tried reinstalling but it didn't change anything
  3. I have some on internal storage then I have a few in my SD card. On info it says the song name and the artist and the album, but on the actual player is says unknown artist
  4. My files show up, but when I tried from my files app none of them play and it keeps skipping to other songs but it does play then it just stops and gives me a notification
  5. Just tried that I unchecked most of my non music folders but I'm still having the same issue
  6. I tried that but it still won't play any music
  7. So whenever I open the player it starts skipping all my music and says they can't be played. But my music files work on the other music player. I'm on a galaxy note 9
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