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  1. So i made some tests. I copied the same 2 album from sd to internal storage and played them both in different scenarios. One album if flac other one is mp3. Internal storage Flac plays flawlessly with gapless on wired headset, bluetooth and on board speaker Mp3 plays kinda gapless on wired, bluetooth and on board speaker. Maybe its due to the absense of cut silence feature Sd card Flac has a little stop when track is changing so does the mp3 files on wired, blietooth and on board speaker. There are some skips even during playback indipendently of the buffer size. Strangely i have 0 gap on my ipod classic 5g with mp3, its not able to play flac directly but with rockbox i was able to play flac gaplessly. For me the problem is the sd card latency, they are pretty fast but need seconds to access data. Instead internal storage is much faster but also has less latency in order of ms. Maybe this issue can be resolved preloading, just saying, 100mb of music into ram and playing it from there. Ask me everything, i will help you test whatever i can
  2. Hi I'm using Poweramp on lg v20 android 8. All my library is on the sd card, full with flac music and some album need to be played in gapless mode. The problem is that every time the song changes to the next one there is a small pause that is very annoying. Strangely this problem is not present when i play the same album from internal storage. Something make me think that android just shutdown the sd card when not in use and take a while to read all files again. The problem is not solved when i set the buffer to the max time, it is not working. My request is to implement cache like in the old ipod classic. That device has 32mb of ram that is loaded with music so the internal hard drive can be shut down for power saving and turn on just to preload stuff
  3. Hi In the last v2 version and the alpha v3 there was a folder hierarchy option that was very useful. Without that i have like 2000 folders and spend most of my time searching a song Last thing is the cut silence in between songs. This is a killer feature for me and now i cant fully appreciate certain albums for more than a year.... Thank you for your hard work
  4. Maybe I'm wrong but i saw it on alpha. Not only sometimes, when i'm inside the player the cut silence work! Right now i was listening to music and it worked. Anyway, will you implement it later?
  5. Hi i have the lg v20 with android 7.0 With this version the gapless function is missing completely. With an early version it was present but not working
  6. hi everybody i'm apologizing for my bad english so, today i have bought this player after two weeks of trying it. this player is the best. anyway when i create a playlist and during the listening i want to delete the song from it, my action just remove the song from playlist but not from sdcard. i'm using a galaxy s3 with ics and last version of Poweramp. any suggestion?
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