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  1. 13 minutes ago, Kloppstock said:

    Here you got a screenshot and the new context

    "According to me there is no practial difference between "shuffle songs and categories" and "shuffle songs"....to me both alterantive shuffle just the selected playlist only

    Im getting crazy though that this  "shuffle songs and categories" is the new deafult mode button to start any shuffle once you enter a playlist.

    What is the tauth behind that? ...to change from this mode you have to go into the song you currently playing to get to the box with other shuffle alterantives...thats not a shortcut"





    On 1/3/2019 at 7:51 PM, Kloppstock said:

    How should i know if this is a bug or something i have done wrong?

    I notice anyhow that with version 3 that it seems it wont repeat the playlist. I dont know if it even completes

    since im sleeping but i allways wake up nowdays to silence and see that previous/or next song

    is set to 0.0.0 and i must restart, sometimes this happens fast after just after a fiew songs. This did not happen in version 2

    I have not actiavated anything except

    Shuffle songs/categories  V or Schuffe categories (i dont know what it means i notice no difference from shuffle songs/categories)

    Repeat List V

    That should be enough to not cause this right?


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