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  1. That did the trick. I did some additional testing to try and pin down the exact setting causing the issue to help the devs out (I've done software development as well, so I know information is key). I did several iterations of testing and was unable to pin it down to an exact setting, but more to a grouping of settings. Needless to say, the somewhat inconsistent results were a challenge. I was, however, able to pin it down to the "crossfade length" setting as well as those below it, specifically the "play/pause/stop fade length" settings. It seems to work OK with the settings above "crossfade length" enabled. I will do some additional testing and playing with the settings to see if I can pin it down further. For the record, I would prefer to have a specific setting for adjusting how much silence at the end of the track it cuts off, which I suspect may help correct the crossfading / fading issue. Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate it, I was going to try and reinstall v2 however all the download files throw a "package appears to be corrupt" error in the installer, so that's not an option anyway. Glad to see it could be addressed in v3 and hope a proper fix to the crossfading / fading feature is forthcoming.
  2. I'm having an issue where the last several seconds of every song I play is cut off when Poweramp reaches the end of a playlist or queue, or when playing only single songs. I suspect I know the problem, however the new Poweramp v3 is missing the option I need to access. In Poweramp v2, there was an option to "cut silence at the end of tracks" which is useful for songs that have a bit of excessive silence at the end of the song. Some mp3 files, for example, may have a few seconds of silence after the song ends. In version two, the option not only could be toggled on, but adjusted for the threshold of silence as well. I had just tweaked this setting, and was still actively testing this when Poweramp was updated from v2 to v3. After testing, I found that the threshold was set a bit too high and was causing part of the song to be cut off at the end by as much as 10 seconds. It's really really really annoying. So I went in to adjust this back closer to where it was when, to my dismay, I find that the "cut silence at end of tracks" option as well as related adjustments missing (presumably completely removed for whatever insane reason) and I'm unable to correct the problem at all now under v3. So, long story short, the bug is that the "cut silence at end of track" options and adjustments are no longer present, which in my case is app-breaking. I really hate having the last several seconds of every song I play cut off when I reach the end of play lists and need to be able to adjust this. Given the level of detailed tweaks and options available, I'm absolutely shocked and flabbergasted by the removal of such a comparatively simple and obvious setting. Device: LG G5 (LGLS992 - sprint) Android version: 7.0 (stock unmodified) Poweramp version: v3 build 816 Google play
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