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  1. No wasn't aware of all of this. I turned on No DVC Any suggestion on buffer size? Right now its at normal
  2. I Uninstaller & reinstalled both power amp & unlocker. Still doing it. Not just with the bass
  3. I'm on 820 running android 8.0 on a moto z force. I get loud popping sounds when connected to Bluetooth. It's basically with the beat of the bass. Not noticeable if I use phone speakers
  4. good point. there is a ton of extra steps in V3 in general over v2
  5. Figured it out....still seems like a few extra steps that we didnt have to do before. Thanksf for the update.
  6. Glad to see the upgrade. Can anyone tell me how to install the apk? Thanks
  7. Gotcha. Thanks, Ill be waiting for the update like Charlie Brown waiting at his mailbox for a valentine from the litttle redheaded girl
  8. Are you saying it's fixed? Playstore shows last update in Dec. 2018. I just want to go to click on led zep in artists & be able to shuffle all songs by them. It used to be so easy to do. Seems like there are extra steps in everything since upgrade. Had program for well over 5 years and loved it
  9. For the love of God fix this. I used to love shuffling through an artists catalog. Shouldn't be difficult Please & thank you
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