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  1. Unfortunately the issue still exists. Today I was at the gym for about two hours and I went from above 70% to about 30. The first few hours were good and I noticed the phone wasn't getting hot but later on things definitely ended up how they usually do. So this is still a persisting issue no doubt. I would classify myself as a power user because I'm listening to music all day at work and then after at the gym.
  2. Thanks for the update --- i've been testing it for about an hour and it seems great so far, obviously too early to tell but we'll see !
  3. what was the first version this bug was reported on? anyway we could get a repack of the version right before that one? or is it just too far back.
  4. Yep. The first day i disabled auto-scanning, i got the high usage android notification -- i wasn't even skipping through my library and the volume was down. And have experienced it a few more times after that. So yeah, this is not resolved.
  5. Hmm, well we already knew about the chromecast button and a few other things, but I'll definitely try disabling the auto-scan feature and report back. I'm on the latest build now too. Thanks @krazzyvishal Edit: also to address above, while i'm at the gym i also am switching heavily between tracks more than i am at work. so that definitely contributes to the drainage.
  6. yeah i agree, this is really sad. i've been using the app for years. i'd even pay for it again if the battery drain was gone. V3 is super awesome except this major flaw. everyday i go to the gym with above 90% -- i'll be there for a few hours and drains to 20-50% just about every time.
  7. Well, I've seen the high usage drain twice since I installed the version without Google Services. 2nd time happened this morning when I had the app only active for 20 minutes, playing through my phones speaker and then the aux line. I use MP3 and Apple Lossless files, but these were mostly just mp3s playing. I use the Hi-Res Output.
  8. Just installed the version without google services. --- i'll be doing some testing as well. s10
  9. i noticed this yesterday. i felt like i had a 70% + battery, 50% minimum. i wasn't even using Poweramp and i looked at my phone and i had the battery warning and i was at 30 something percent.
  10. still getting this, chromecast off, keep notification on. galaxy s10, bluetooth headphones with mp3 library on SD card.
  11. hey, is there a way to disable the playlist skip buttons? i hit them all the time on accident and i never use them.
  12. for the past few weeks i have been getting notifications from my device that Poweramp is draining my battery quickly. i just switched to the s10 this past week and im still getting the same notifications. i did carry over my settings to the s10. Can anyone assist or have any ideas why? never had this issue with the past 5 years using Poweramp. it's gotta be a setting i changed? Thanks!
  13. my ratings for all my tracks suddenly just disappeared. does Poweramp have a way to export ratings yet? Thanks,
  14. Also another bug on the newest build 816 is when i sort my playlist by title and and then start playing a song, the playlist appears to sort immediately, but then the song will stop on it's own... almost as if the playlist needs to finish sorting itself first. i have to go back in and replay my song. I feel like Poweramp should have a built in setting: Always sort playlist by "title", "filename" ...etc
  15. This happens to me every day to random playlists that i actively am listening to. Please someone fix this. it's been happening since the release of this version.
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