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  1. andrewevenstar

    Poweramp Build 828

    hey, is there a way to disable the playlist skip buttons? i hit them all the time on accident and i never use them.
  2. for the past few weeks i have been getting notifications from my device that Poweramp is draining my battery quickly. i just switched to the s10 this past week and im still getting the same notifications. i did carry over my settings to the s10. Can anyone assist or have any ideas why? never had this issue with the past 5 years using Poweramp. it's gotta be a setting i changed? Thanks!
  3. andrewevenstar

    Poweramp Build 820

    my ratings for all my tracks suddenly just disappeared. does Poweramp have a way to export ratings yet? Thanks,
  4. andrewevenstar

    Poweramp Build 816

    Also another bug on the newest build 816 is when i sort my playlist by title and and then start playing a song, the playlist appears to sort immediately, but then the song will stop on it's own... almost as if the playlist needs to finish sorting itself first. i have to go back in and replay my song. I feel like Poweramp should have a built in setting: Always sort playlist by "title", "filename" ...etc
  5. andrewevenstar

    Playlist files are randomly emptied

    This happens to me every day to random playlists that i actively am listening to. Please someone fix this. it's been happening since the release of this version.