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  1. Ok, thanks for the reply! I would be great if you could customize it! Thank you for your work! Greetings from Germany
  2. I am sorry if I didn't write it right. I am not a native English speaker. ... When I am in Folder-Mode (my favorite) and I selected an album and than a song...I can easily go back to the album, if I swipe the album (or the song) down. So, when I am at the top of the list, I would like to swipe this huge Albumicon down, that I get back to the Musicfolder. I know there is a "⤴️ Folder"-Button, but that would be much more convenient. Did I write this right?
  3. Yeah, the title says everything. Add the option or implement it for ever, that you swipe the Top albumcover, that you get to next higher site/view. It is much cleaner and you get used to it very fast. Thank you!
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