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  1. haukeluet

    Car audio USB problems

    Ok. I am using the full version for a vew weeks. When I switch on the car the music sometimes starts automaticaly at the right (last) position. But Sometimes the music doesnt start automaticaly. I have to press the play button and the music starts at the last track but at the beginning of the track! Strange. This seams to happen randomly. Any ideas? Is it possible to change that with the next update maybe? The player itself is great and looks amazing! Thank you very much.
  2. haukeluet

    Car audio USB problems

    For audiobooks it makes sense of course but not for evry track of a music album. So I think it will not fix my problem, but I will test it.
  3. haukeluet

    Car audio USB problems

    Yes. I am using the 14 days testversion for Android. I will have a look again for the scanner option later. I already found the option for long tracks. Question: If I change that to 1 minute, every track that I once started to hear and then switched to another track, will start at an incorrect position when I start to hear the album sometime again. Doesn´t it? Nobody wants that. But I will try that. Thank you very much for your help.
  4. haukeluet

    Car audio USB problems

    Ok. I am back again. I found the menu "Audio Focus" and switched on "resume an start". But it changed nothing. I still have to press the play button after starting the car. And it seems to me, that the song always starts from the beginning after starting the car. I don´t find the menu "scanner" in my german freeware, But I found out, that it just takes about 20 seconds until Poweramp regognizes that a usb stick is disconnected or replugged and changes the libarary. So that problem is solved. Maybe somebody got an idea for the start problem? Thank you very much.
  5. haukeluet

    Car audio USB problems

    Thank you. I will try that and tell you if it works later.
  6. haukeluet

    Car audio USB problems

    Hi! I am using Poweramp on my new caraudio-radio with android. An Atoto A6. The music is on two usb sticks, connected with the radio. Both are ntfs formated. The player looks great and works fine. Thank you! But there are two problems which I would like to fix. First: When I switch the car off, the radio switches off. When I start the car again, Poweramp apears, but doesn´t start to play. I think the problem is, that the usb stick needs a short time to wake up. Is it possible to fix that? Second: When I register a usb stick in Poweramp and pull it of the radio, all the titels still apear in the music list. That doesn´t make sense. Can I hide the titels, that are not available, without register them new after I put in the USB stick again? Thank you