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  1. I could find fiShbRain - witchcrat integrated already into winamp so I used this one for that track but yeah, i've got another one in polishment psycho enough to use AdamFX - Fractal Twist, but this preset is nowhere to be found ... 😢 Who's max ?
  2. I'd like to extract them from the app to the PC (seperate presets) to use one of them and record as visual for a track I made :).
  3. Oh I thought I could find the original ones in the same folder. How can I find the already integraded to the app then ? I would need to use one as a vizualizer for a track
  4. Hi Andre, thanks for your feedback. Indeed I missed the underscore.. but even with I can't find anything
  5. Could someone eventually send me "Fractal Twist" from AdamFX preset please ? It would be totally amazing !
  6. There is no such folder into the app data. I can only find an empty folder called "files\Music"
  7. Hello guys, First thing first thanks a lot for this application I'm using now for years. The equalizer is perfect and the app overall so tweakable it fits perfectly my needs. I just finished a track and I'd like to put one of the vizualizers as video for an upload on youtube. Would you have any idea how I could do this ? I thought about extracting the vizualizers from the app and run the one I'd like on winamp while recording the visual only. But I don't know if either the quality would be good enough, either winamp is still able to run those vizu's. (As far as I know the old winamp the vizualizers were developed on many years ago is discontinued.) I'm a complete newbie on this matter so .. if you think about any other more efficient way please tell me . Thanks guys !
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