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  1. No. I'm not one for running my phone that low (rarely if ever below 50%). And it's always happened when mobile, so not with the phone plugged in, charging up
  2. Funnily enough, I've not had it happen during a BT connection, be it my Sony srs xb41, or connected to my car. Like I said yesterday, it went 2 hours to Oxford, and 2 hours back, with the phone screen off, without a single problem. For me, it's only stopped (been "killed") when listening through a wired connection, with the screen as below
  3. I'll try to if and when it happens again. And yes I mean when the screen is off and just running the always on display, but Poweramp is still playing.
  4. I know, it's a real ball ache!! Especially as its not clear whether this is a PA V3 bug, or an Android OS one! Bizarrely, I've just drove to Oxford and back today (2 hours each way, using PA via BT) and it's been fine. It also works fine with headphones/earphones while I'm using the phone, ie: with the screen on, but something is randomly killing the wired connection when the screen is in standby! Really frustrating. Tried emailing PA, but got zero help!! 😡😡😡 Very frustrating
  5. Thanks blaubär, but I have done the Note 9 version of this and still no luck... (was meant to of included the picture in previous pos)
  6. I have the recent v3, build 816 version of PA installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And every time I use it, with the screen on standby, after a few minutes of play, it stops. This doesn't happen if the player itself is displaying. I get a pop up saying it was killed by a task killer/battery optimiser. I have no such task killer installed, and as you can see, I have the app itself removed from any battery saving function on my phone. I have wakelock enabled. Never had any problems on my S5 and S7 before, and been a long time fan. I'm at a loss now on how to prevent this from happening, and am seriously considering Neutron and it's god awful interface just for uninterrupted music. Any help would be much appreciated
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