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  1. I feel compelled to throw my $.02 in on this too. I purchased Poweramp for an old phone (because I love it so much) that doesn't connect to the phone network anymore (only my Wi-Fi). I only purchased in a couple of days ago, so maybe it was within its 24 hr purchase window, but my Internet Service Provider went down last night. So, since I couldn't watch TV, I said "hey, I'll just listen to a couple of podcasts I had downloaded previously on my Poweramp device. Well, the danged thing shut off after an hour or so. I tried clicking on the Unlocker again, but all it told me what that it couldn't find the internet, and shut down!!. Shouldn't it have least fallen back to a shareware status or something. But to shut down like it did.......boy was I mad. Since I had no internet, I couldn't research the problem, so luckily, I had JetAudio on another device, so gave an "up yours" to Poweramp and used Jet instead. After reading the Poweramp licensing topic, I'm going to try to let it active (re-activate?) on the offending device again, but after reading this topic...boy...I'm starting to wonder about Poweramp. Maybe the fault this time was mine (maybe it had never activated the first time), but next time......
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