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  1. Will do ! Thanks so much to the both of you for your quick response.
  2. Good afternoon, First off - I've read many topics before creating this one, and I haven't been able to find an answer to my question. If I've missed anything feel free to move this message to a different topic. So I've been using Poweramp for a good 2 years now and I've always been organizing my playlists the same way: I use a metadata editor tool to change the Genre of the songs and this way, through the Genre category on Poweramp I get my custom playlists. Now the thing is that before, I could assign several Genres to one song just by seperating them with a / . So one song's Genre could be "Genre 1/Genre 2/Genre 3" and in Poweramp the song would end up in all three of those individual Genres. But the new version doesn't seem to identify the / like the former one did - so now if I have a Genre written like the one above it will not appear in any of those Genres but will instead appear in one single Genre called "Genre 1/Genre 2/Genre 3". I'm not sure I'm clear so I attached a screenshot as a basis for an example. As you can see on the screenshot, with Poweramp v3 I have : 834 songs in the Genre "Pop, RnB, Soul, Folk" 42 songs in the Genre "Pop, RnB, Soul, Folk/Feel Good" 21 songs in "Pop, RnB, Soul, Folk/Melancolia" 1 song in "Pop, RnB, Soul, Folk/Road Trip/Feel Good" 1 song in "Pop, RnB, Soul, Folk/Road Trip/Melancolia". Now, what I had in Poweramp V2 (and what I'd like to have again if possible) is : 899 in the Genre "Pop, RnB, Soul, Folk" 43 songs in the Genre "Feel Good" 22 songs in the Genre "Melancolia" 2 songs in the Genre "Road Trip". I've been looking for a solution in the settings but couldn't find anything. I'm grateful for your help !