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  1. Does this help? Its a Motorola G6 Play if that make any difference!
  2. @flyingdutchman Used it on my drive on Friday, works really well, landscape is great, portrait the album info is behind the play button but that in no way detracts from the way it works. Really easy to hit the buttons when I need to skip. Nice job!
  3. like them both but for usability I think the top one has the edge, the buttons stand out a bit more. but yeah big easy to hit buttons...look great!
  4. I don't want you to be intimidated by my epic design skills! 🤣 I don't even know if this is in anyway possible, but I was thinking really simple, huge buttons for the main playback functions and two menu buttons, one for selecting an album (or playlist) and one for the more complicated Poweramp stuff, graphics equalizer , play list creation (stuff you not going to want to do while driving!). I just thought it might be useful option if you want to use Poweramp while driving!
  5. I was thinking was using my phone in my car but I don't have android auto so I'd just have it plugged into the aux socket. Using Poweramp is ok but the buttons are a bit close when I'm driving so I was looking for something with a few huge buttons (play, pause, skip back/forward), really easy to hit while driving. If I'm driving I'm not going to be messing around with playlists or sound setting so those could be hidden behind a menu button. Has anyone done anything like this would anyone else find it useful?
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