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  1. Already has been suggested; this shuffles all songs and is not what is requested.
  2. Thanks for thinking of alternative solutions. Let's hope a proper solution will be implemented some day (soon).
  3. I appreciate your help, but this (and the previous post about shuffling all songs) doesn't even come close to what we want. My Rock folder has 200+ albums, not 1 band with more than 3 albums. So I want to shuffle over 200 albums by all artists, yet you suggest to shuffle 1 to 3 albums by only 1 artist. I truly do appreciate you trying to help (though these suggestions only make me feel like you don't quite understand our request).
  4. This doesnt seem to be the same problem as Spyglass Jack's (the Recursuve folder play thread), but indeed exactly what hrolf1713 requested. Playinig in order is not the problem. If no shuffle is set, it properly goes from B1 to B2 to B3 etc. The thing is, I want all B albums to be shuffled. I can enter the B folder, tap Play and it will start playing Album B1 track1. If I then set shuffle to 'Shuffle categories' the next album can be any album from the library (e.g. E17), not just from the B folder. I'd like an option to tell PA to play and shuffle all albums from a certain folder (and preferably to save and start in the shuffle mode so you dont always start with Album 1). Vanilla Music does this perfectly: from the file browser you can long-press a folder (e.g. 'Rock') and then select Play. It remembered the 'Shuffle albums' setting, so it will generate a queue with all albums shuffled and start playing the 1st album from that shuffled list (which then doesnt have to be \Rock\Album1). Pressing 'next album' will then properly jump to the next album in the (shuffled) list. As mentioned, the queue option in PA is unusable for this cause, as it considers the entire queue 1 category.
  5. I'm using 'folder hierarchy' and I have sorted it by genre, something like this: - Folder A -- Album A1 -- Album A2 -- Album A3 - Folder B -- Album B1 -- Album B2 - Folder C -- Album C1 -- Album C2 -- Album C3 I'm looking for a way to simply select e.g. folder B and only shuffle-play (so 'shuffle categories') Albums B. If I create a playlist, that list will be viewed as 1 "category", so that's not an option. If I create a queue it's more or less the same (clicking the 'next category' button will leave the queue). I can , of course, use the kebab menu (3 dots) to 'select folders' and then select only the one(s) I want to play, but is a wonky workaround, as it has to completely rescan the library every time. Would it be possible to add this type of playback to 'folder hierarchy'? E.g. from the 'Folder hierarchy' library screen, when selecting a folder, add a button to the bottom (next to '+ Playlist' and '>> Queue', etc.) that simply says 'Play folder' (maybe in stead of the Send or Delete button?)
  6. Can I add that if this isnt implemented, you change the preset list behaviour slightly? I have 3 presets (simply named 1, 2 and 3). If I select e.g. 3 and close the list, the next time I open the preset list, 3 is at the top, so if I'd want to select 1 or 2, I have to first scroll up. Could you change this so the 1st custom preset is always at the top of the list? Thanks!
  7. Weird, 'cause (as I said) the issues are only a problem for me when using cue files. I use Folder Hierarchy and no files (mp3 and ogg) have the fade-in problem. But yeah, I also can't imagine anyone wanting fade-in at beginning of tracks. Fade on seek still doesn't work correctly, though.
  8. I think I found my problem and solution to #1 and 3: it only seems to happen with folders that contain a cue file (why are there cue files, you ask? To alter the info read by Foobar on pc, without editing the id3 tags and thereby changing the mp3 and its crc - but that's not really important or relevant). Solution: delete the cue files. Also, when browsing Folders Hierarchy, a cue file is treated like a folder while the audio files in that same folder are ignored. E.g. if I have folder with 00-a.cue, 01-track1.mp3, 02-track2.mp3, etc., Poweramp will show 00-a.cue with a folder icon and the number of tracks on the right and nothing else. Don't know if this is a bug or working as intended. Anyway, I don't intend to use cue files, but others might (they're popular with single-file-for-entire-album FLACs). #2 is still bugged, though (to me) that's not 1/10th as important or annoying as #1 was.
  9. 1. Fade-in on auto-advance: When auto-advancing, the "Play/Pause/Stop Fade Lenght" is used, even when "Fade Play/Pause/Stop" is turned off. With FPPS off, I set PPSFL to 50 and then to 1000ms and it obviously uses this setting on auto-track change. There is the same fade-in on auto-advance as manual-advance. There is, however, no fade when resetting a track. Suggestion/request: turn auto-advance fading off completely (seriously, who uses that?) or add a separate option for auto-advance fading (like PA 2 used) 2. "Seek Fade Length" seems to be set to 50ms; there does not seem to be a noticable difference when changing this to 500ms. Also, turning "Fade on Seek" off will still use the 50ms fade. 3. Crossfade/fade-in problem (I don't use this, but noticed it when testing problem 1): The option "auto-advance Fading: crossfade on all songs" makes music crossfade when *manually* changing tracks and *not* on auto-change. All of this tested with build 816 on a BQ Aquaris M5 vs 2.0.10 (where everything works as intended) on a Galaxy S4 E.g. with settings as in attached screenshot, there was a short seek fade and a long fade on auto-advance.
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