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  1. I'm also here to report that turning Poweramp scrobbling off and using the official Last.fm app got my scrobbling sorted.
  2. I'll have to give that a go, thanks. I downgraded to v2, and that seemed to solve the scrobbling problem, but I really like v3. The LastFM app seemed kind of bulky to me so I've preferred Simple Last.fm Scrobbler.
  3. I am getting multiple scrobbles of the last song I played. Right now I am looking at my scrobbles and one song for example is listed 13 times within a time span of 14 hours. I noticed this after using version 3 for a while, so now my scrobbling history is a mess. I'm using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler. From what I can tell, this started happening on 17th December 2018.
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