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  1. Add a toggle to settings, that turns on/off all animations in the app. As I don't like the UI animations at all, I turn it off in Android dev options, but as Poweramp has its own animations that don't depend on Android animations, they stays anyway.
  2. Make Poweramp be able to read the BPM tag of each file and sort tracks by their BPM. P.S. This feature available even in Windows File Explorer (to say nothing about desktop players like AIMP3), so I have no idea, why no-one player and tagging app on Android can read BPM from MP3 tags...
  3. For some reason album covers in main player UI now scales with nearest neighbour interpolation method instead of bilinear (or bicubic, I don't know actually which method it used to interpolate with till this bug happened). If I reopen the app, the bug dessapears, but when I open another track, it appears again. version: v3-build-823-play (Full Version) device: Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Android: 9.0
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