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  1. I do find it helpful on apps in which I solely focus on. When I'm using Poweramp I'm only doing that and the exit dialogue helps me keep my mind clear on what I'm doing. That's why I think it should only be optional since you already pointed out there's a way to make the back button take you to your library. Besides I personally tend to press the back button multiple times on apps and it feels unorthodox for me to just press it once
  2. I didn't know that! I would still like a confirmation dialogue to close Poweramp (optionally) for example it would say "Are you sure you want to exit Poweramp?"
  3. I would like to press the back button and get taken to my library tab and if I press it again get a confirmation dialogue. This can be just an optional feature. I would at least like for it to take me to my library if I press the back button while playing a song instead of exiting the app. I keep on pressing it and exiting the app since I'm used to other music players. I hope I explained myself well
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