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  1. Hi Andre I have tried since setting the shuffle a number of times and closing Poweramp back down then restart it back up to no avail, the second the the ignition is turned off and left till the next day it reverts to just shuffling the artist folder and not the entire library . V2 worked just fine no matter how long it was left for. I have just had an update come through today from play for the unlocker so i will see how it goes after that, I Appreciate the quick reply thank you
  2. I have been using this for a few years now on an android head unit in the car. my couple of issues are as follows since the update I load up a usb drive with a few gig of albums and play them via shuffle all, this worked a treat for a very long time, now however when i start the car up Poweramp forgets this choice and only shuffles the album folder it was currently playing the track from. It does not matter how many times i tell it to do this by selecting play all songs shuffle it reverts, it will remember for that time only. restart the car and back it goes. The next bug is the irritating starting up full screen over the top of my head unit gui, i have to close it each time.
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