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  1. Thank you both. I ended up changing background. It helped. It would still be nice to see under the settings menu.
  2. Yes please...I am voting for Android Auto support as well..thank you for your consideration!
  3. Hello Andrew, Yes...thank you for your reply. Depending on the album cover size and background, especially if it is white, the two icons on the player screen are not very visible. This is why I requested they be added under settings..Thank you
  4. Hello, First, thank you for Poweramp, it is a great app, and something we use daily in our home! Please consider the enhancements below. The settings menu has an option for Shuffle. Shuffle and Repeat Settings should be right next to each other as they both affect the play order of music. Please add on the Settings menu at the top right below Shuffle a Repeat Menu option with an arrow next to it. Allow it to be expanded with a single checkmark allowed next to one of four choices: Track, Album, Playlist, All. The checkmark would drive the play order of the songs. Lastly, it is great that you have a graphical repeat touch button in the bottom right of the album cover while music is playing. However, since the color is: white (the word white is in white to the left of the parenthesis ) it is often lost in the album cover picture itself if the background of the album cover is white. Please consider a setting to shorten the area of the picture so the white repeat icon appears on a black background, or at least choose a brighter color. Thank you for consideration on a few changes to an excellent app!
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