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  1. Sorry about the late reply, here are some updates: 1. I used the latest version of PA on the old device and the same songs were read no problem. 2. The files with missing metadata are mixed in the same folder with files that are properly read. The folder is not the issue here. I also tried separating the problem files in its own folder, same issue. 3. Here's the weird part: after using MediaInfo app to check the metadata on one of the songs, the rest of the songs in PA that had problems were all magically fixed. It's as if their metadata needed to be read by another app for them to be "activated" in PA. That's just my crazy conjecture though.
  2. So I tried this app out and to my surprise, the app DOES detect the tag data perfectly on the song that I'm trying to transfer over. But when Poweramp scans it in, all tag data is lost. Oh and all the songs are in MP3 format. Also I have tried to copy the Airdroid-copied file back into my PC and the tag data are all still intact. Looks like Airdroid isn't even the issue here though, since MediaInfo still reads it just fine.
  3. The only difference is that one of them has all the metadata intact and the Airdroid transferred file doesn't, as far as I can tell. No size difference whatsoever. USB copy into Airdroid app doesn't really make sense since I only use Airdroid to send files over WiFi between my PC and the new phone. The song file could be located on a harddrive or USB stick or SSD and it wouldn't make a difference. I also tried using Airdroid to copy the song into either my phone's internal storage or the microSD card, same thing, no tags showing.
  4. Got a new phone recently and installed the full version on it. Tried scanning around 3000 songs and around 200 of them turned out to empty tags and are put under "Unknown Artist". The 200ish songs have no discernible difference from the rest of the 3000 and I'm quite stumped on why their tags aren't being read at all. Even funnier is that on my old phone, the same songs have their artist/album tags read just fine. Please help! UPDATE: Found out why (or at least partially why). I transferred the music files through Airdroid app and for some reason, this breaks the tag recognition in Poweramp. When I do it through good ol USB transfer, the tags show up perfectly. Weird.
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