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  1. Thanks a lot! I didn't find it because the option's German name is too big for the screen of my OnePlus One at least in vertical mode. As you see it in the screenshot the name just says "Saving/Resetting of ..." Though I have to admit the option's purpose could be deducted from the text below which says "Useful for podcasts, long lists" or the length slider below. Anyway switched to English now to prevent such confusion in the future
  2. Hey folks, firstly I'd like to thank everyone involved in the v3 update! It's a great evolution in my opinion and it's been fun watching it grow as a beta tester. But now I've encountered my first real issue or rather a missing feature introduced with v3. I can't pin down when exactly unfortunately but with one of the last updates Poweramp began saving the playing position for long tracks (at least 30-40 min.) by default. While this is a much desired feature for a podcast app or spoken word content in general, I don't like it for music and would like to disable it. I have quite a few songs that are about 30-50 min long (Tangerine Dream live sessions for example) and I'm finding myself manually scrolling to the beginning every time I play the song, because it starts in the middle of the song. If there is already such an option, pardon me. I couldn't find it anywhere so far. Best regards
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