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  1. I have used this app on multiple devices over the years, as its the only one I know of that can read music from an SD card. it worked fine on my previous phones for the most part, but now that I have upgraded to a Galaxy S7, I am having some major issues... I have inserted the same SD card that was in the other phones, with around 30 gigs of music on it. I will open Poweramp, and select the SD card folders, then run a scan. the scan will take a long time, and will often crash, resulting in the SD card becoming completely undetected on my phone. I then have to restart the phone to have the SD card detect, and try again. it only finishes successfully about 25% of the time, and sometimes breaks later anyway. I have opened it up and made sure the SD card is in properly. It only comes unmounted when I do a scan. I think the app is doing something to break it.
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