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    BT Headset pause/play bug

    just tried with 820 release and bluetooth Momentum. Things are better but still 50% of times the double clicks are not recognized correctly (if too fast nothing happens if too slow the play stops and restart). This is more evident with phone screen off. When Poweramp app is open, things go better (but not perfect). I think this is due to this model of BT headphone being very slugghish when sending button commands but this can be easily resolved if in Poweramp a setting with the delay between the 2 button clicks from BT can be set by the user so everyone can adapt to a specific BT headphone behaviour...
  2. paologatto

    BT Headset pause/play bug

    I am in a similar situation: Poweramp v3-816 Galaxy S9+, Oreo Bluetooth earphone Sennheiser Momentum Free The volume control works (when vol + and - are pressed both the general bluetooth volume and Power amp volume are changed, also using other apps) The play/stop button works The double/triple click options does not work (I have enabled this in bluetooth options in Poweramp) Observing the last processed commands I see that when I double click button in the bluetooth headphone, apparently no command is received. But I noticed that a couple of times the skip worked and I think to know what is the problem: the Poweramp timing measurement of the double click is too fast for this headphone model, that probably is a little "slow" to send commands to the phone. Resuming: If button is pressed 2 times too quickly, nothing happens If button is pressed 2 times too slowly, Poweramp stops Very rarely, pressing 2 times the button, the skip command happens Solution could be adding in Poweramp a tweak option where the user can set the time interval between clicks to let them understand as double/triple click by Poweramp