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  1. Yes i have tried to use some hearing aids . They didn't seem to work too well as my hearing is not really impaired. They sounded pretty tinny which made my tinnitus worse. lol

    The problem with the microphone would most likely be a delay (even with the hearing aids there was a bit.). But I'm sure it could somehow be negated. 

    Also the dac of power amp is far superior than any other program I've used. I'm really hoping there is a way




  2. I have tried these headphones at the store.  The microphone for ambient sounds seems to not be very good... I don't know ... maybe it was the presets. I don't think that would be a viable solution ... I'mI'd prefer  sticking to the request. 


    Please and thank you.

  3. do those headphones allow you to consistently play microphone to hear or is it just during the call, 

    and how well does it fade in/ out with the music, ideally it would be nice to "fade down" the music, when the microphone detects input over a certain DB, and drown out the rest if its under that threshhold, 

    is any of this possible, I find routing anything in power amp would greatly increase clarity and fidelity, even before I got this injury, It would sound amazing no matter what was playing, 

    microphone has an amp or no, not too sure, maybe i can look at getting a bluetooth microphone and doing it that way :( 

  4.  …………….. PLEASE make microphone gain input  support for this program, 

    i.e you should be able to listen to  onboard microphone (from headphones) on the wire OR on the phone itself, plus, music have external mic  (on headphones) or phone, 

    PLEASE HELP  alleviate symptoms of tinnitus, (this is virtually impossible without a $200,000 investment) and even then who KNOWS ?????? 


    im going through a very bad phase in my life, power amp is a LIFE saver, ive purchased it 3x already,  (different accounts)  if there is a way to implement this feature at whatever the price your asking, im willing to PAY for it ,  (im really NOT rich) but curious


    some people pay 100,000$ for an cochlear implant, and I am confidant this app could do a WAY  better job, and , reduce background noise and tone, GREATLY, and PRECISELY, by using your own PERSONAL amplifier presets,  WHICH THESE COCHLEAR implants DONT do,  I cannot sleep without music , I have to have headphoens on 24/7 , my anxiety and stress  is 15/10 and this would be DRASTICALLY reduced,


    you would be doing miracles for an illness that has yet stump any doctor or scientist or to be even touched or properly diagnosed, which  NOBODY can stop

    if you could miditgate these effects with a simple few lines of code, turn the microphone gain up over the music , that would literally change the quality of  lives and stop people from commiting suicide over this horrible wretched disease, 


    people pay up to 100,000$ for a implant into the skull, which I know POWER AMP ,, CAN outperform, and probably likely be better, as it lets you choose which frequencies you like to listen to, (AND  MOST IMPORTANTLY , WHICH ONES YOU DONT) which masks those aweful high pitch frequencies,  literally is life saving,


    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE make this a feature it WILL do miracles, no stretch of imagination 

    I would be MORE than willing to pay for this, ,  ill  paypal an amount if this already exists and somebody tells me about it, (to the developers) of course, 


    this would be literally a (MULTIPLE) life saving feature, 





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