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    The Queue and The Search feature

    Its the fact that the search function is so unintuitive. You cant use it inside an album to search for a song so you have to search for it manually because if you use it itll play all song. In v2 we had a search bar in an album and in artist so why take it out.
  2. John Oliver

    Old search function

    Cant search a song inside an album and play the rest of the album. Right now you can only search for a song and ALL song you have will play regardless of where you did the search whether it be inside an album or an artist it will play ALL songs.
  3. (Why is it that when I am currently playing a song and decided to add a song or an album to the queue, it automatically skips the current song thats playing and start the queue. Isnt the whole point of the queue, is to queue up the song you want to play next? In the old Poweramp you add a song or an album to thr queue and itll wait for the song to finish playing then start the queue.) Apparently this "feature" that makes the point of queueing pointless is automatically enabled. Disabled it in the Library > Queue > Start Playing Queue Immediately. Why cant just search like I used to do in the old Poweramp? The search function is basically only useful if you want to search a specific song then play ALL of your other songs. Why cant I search within a specific artist's songs or album, or go into an album and search from there and the only results would be only from that album and play only that album. For example if I want to listen to "Last thoughts on Woody Guthrie" first and list to the rest of the album I cant just Go to the album Search "Last thoughts on Woody Guthrie" and play the song because it would play ALL of my songs. Sorry if theres a lot of grammatical errors English isn't my firs language. I dont really know where to post this since this is my first post.