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  1. Please take this into consideration and thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Can't this option be added on Poweramp directly? This is on a feature request section after all. Thanks
  3. Is there any way to add this function? or is that complicated to add it? Thanks
  4. As you can see in my attached image. If I sorted by Artist/Album, it get sorted by Title. And if I sorted by Track No., all song will get sorted only by track no.
  5. I saw that option but that's not it. When they are on a playlist, different albums from different artist goes sorted by track number. For Example, 2 albums from different artist will sort like this: 1. track 1 - album1 2. track 1 - album2 3. track 2 - album1 4. track 2 - album2 5. track 3 - album1 6. track 3 - album2 which i'm after is 1. track 1 - album1 2. track 2 - album1 3. track 3 - album1 4. track 1 - album2 5. track 2 - album2 6. track 3 - album2
  6. Would it be possible to request for a simple sort option. I just wanted my music to play continuously like an album while on a playlist. A way that an album should play like. From Album > artist > track no. (not by title). There is currently no way to do this. I like my music to play from track number rather than from the title alphabetically. Thanks
  7. I would like to request a Sort by Artist/Album/Track No. I listen to my music sorted like it was on a CD/DVD/Vinyl which is sorted by track number per CD. Some of my music plays continuously by track number and it plays wrong 'cause its sorted by track title by default per album on my playlist. Thanks.
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