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  1. Thank you so much! Problem solved! Now let's work on creating at least 50 different queues. With an option to save each one. And also let's work on creating a button for each track separately. A button that allows to play that track next. And another to play another song after that. And so on and so on. This is completely different from queue options. But thanks again for your speedy replies!
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8+. All the latest updates. 3 build. 815. Paid. Full. Beta.
  3. Create an option to have more than one queue. And create an option button to play a song next and so on and so on. Please! Thank you.
  4. Thanks for all the hard continuous work. And listening to the customers. Please keep up the good work. Much appreciated.
  5. Its driving me crazy that I cant delete songs from external storage. SD card. Why is this not possible as powerful as Poweramp is? Help!
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