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  1. As it stands, I don't think this is a 'feature request' but rather a bug (and also a small one at that). This one is just about changing the way the tags are read, which is already implemented in FLAC files. I'm not an active Android app developer, but I know that this is not a massive system change. So, I think not just me, but also many other people who started similar threads about this, are left wondering why this small, totally fixable issue gets ignored for this long. The xiph.org recommendation to shift to METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE is already out for even longer...
  2. LAME is a pretty good encoder, I admit... But, bitrate-by-bitrate, OGG is better, especially when you go to lower bitrates. At high bitrates, yes, they are hardly any different. At least, I know the difference with my phone and DAC when you go to low enough bitrates.Poweramp is marketed more towards the more 'power user' with tons of customization options, so I find it troubling when such a simple issue gets overlooked for years. Also, with all due respect, your suggested solution is like asking someone to swap cars permanently when one of the tires blew up. To re-iterate, most of the music players in the market currently support the OGG album art, both in PC and Android as many have mentioned in other threads. Of course, there are more to PA than just displaying album art, and I don't think it's a deal-breaker for me; I will keep using PA for a foreseeable future. However, again, it's a shame that PA kinda ignored this issue for years.
  3. I have recently started transcoding my FLAC collection to OGG to save space (my new phone has no external microSD), and found out about this issue. Such a shame, I really like Poweramp. For now I have to contend with the cover.jpg workaround... Luckily, I only have a few albums converted. I will wait till this issue gets sorted.
  4. Is there any development regarding this bug? Recently, I have just started transcoding my FLAC files to OGG files (for space constraints as I have just swapped to a phone without external microSD) and found out about this issue. Apparently, there are many threads reporting this same issue. I guess your "in the wild" argument holds some merits, however I would like to highlight one flaw: people who are using (and buying) your player and also using OGG are likely audio-savvy, and they are likely to encode their own OGG. I mean, let's face it... Who uses OGG for music distribution? For music, mainstream distribution don't use OGG, but the audio-enthusiasts who use Poweramp to play their OGG collection do. Other uses of OGG are mostly in games' or apps' sound assets. So, rather than using some random sample of OGG files you found in the Internet, I would suggest you refer to the major audio encoder applications available. dBPowerAmp, xrecode, foobar2000's convert function, and many more already follow the xiph.org suggestion: http://wiki.xiph.org/VorbisComment#Cover_art The sample from xiph.org may be outdated as the last update dates tend to be years ago. I would rather refer to the documentation linked above instead. That said, I think a significant proportion of your user base would be glad if you can get this issue sorted out. Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot for a quick response! Anyway, there are a lot of Awesome Beats implementations available, with the one shown in the links are just some example (BTW, it is also available for other Nexus devices). I believe most of them use similar binaries. For the Nooz DSP (the EIZO rewire), it actually works with Poweramp as it stands now. Only Awesome Beats that are not functional.
  6. There is this popular mod that ports the libraries for Beats audio into other devices, called Awesome Beats, such as this one for Nexus 7: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1889522 I know that for Beats to be enabled in Poweramp, it needs to be turned on in the Tone/Vol settings tab, which won't show up unless it is on HTC devices. Do you think it is possible to show this button on non-HTC devices as long as the libs are present? The mod is popular enough that it is ported to many devices. I'm pretty sure this will please a lot of users.
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